How To Play The Pokies Like an Expert

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How To Play The Pokies Like an Expert
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Playing Pokies isn’t just about luck; it understanding strategy and expertise.

Ever been curious about winning big in online pokies or what makes these the most loved casino games? At Auscasinos, our experience is your winning ticket. We’ve been around the gaming block and understand the ins and outs of online casinos.

This guide is your go-to map, using our know-how to show you simple steps for playing the pokies and scoring those wins. In this slots guide, we will cover the best pokies strategies, the different symbols, how the paylines function, and what features are the best to look out for.

Let’s dive in, so next time you have a slap on a pokie machine, you’ll be on top.

Understand the The Pokies Game

Before you start slapping, you need to familiarise yourself with the game mechanics.

Despite there being thousands of pokie games available with a huge variety of themes, they more or less all function in the same way. It’s a “same meat, different gravy” situation!

Here is our essential list of must-know online slots lingo…

Betting Strategies: Smart Plays

Levels Betting: Start with a tiny bet, say 1-2% of your bankroll. If you lose five times, up the bet.

Reset when you win. It’s about bouncing back from losses and aiming for bigger wins. Just be cautious not to go too big during a losing streak.

Fixed Percentage Betting: Keep it easy with a fixed percentage (let’s say 2%) of what you have.

Adjust the bet as you win or lose. Great for riding the wave of hot games, but it might take away some of the fun. It helps limit losses during a rough patch.

Martingale Betting System: Think of it as a double-or-nothing game.

If you lose, double your bet; if you win, start over. But, put a limit, like 12 times your starting bet, to be safe. It’s a simple way to play, but be careful not to go too big, and reset after a win.

Progressive Jackpot Strategy: Use the smallest bet and play a lot.

Wait for the jackpot to get big before diving in. Winning big jackpots takes time, so be ready for long sessions and make sure you’ve got enough to keep playing when you use the progressive jackpot strategy.

Tips and Tricks: Playing Smart

Some folks like to “slap and pray” approach.

While others prefer a bit of strategy to their play. While there are no guarantees, our in-house experts reckon these tips can make sure you avoid the casino money-maker pitfalls and snag your best chances at winning real money.

Understanding Paylines: The Winning Paths

Paylines are the pathways on the machine grid where winning combinations of symbols must align to secure a win. Here are some common ones you would expect to see available for selection:

Players usually choose how many paylines to activate.

You can only win on a payline you have selected to play, so don’t be shy and add more than one.


What makes the pokies exciting is the huge amount of features in each game.

These features mean twists and turns at every corner, keeping you on the edge of your seat! Here are a few of our favourite top picks for features to look for in online pokies:

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos often offer various bonuses and promotions for pokie players to win real money and additionally increase their odds of winning.

Some of the biggest jackpots can be won off the back of generous promotions and free money bonuses that are at times handed out to punters.

So what do these bonuses and promotions look like?

These can include welcome bonuses, free spin bonuses, or loyalty rewards. Welcome bonuses are often goodies like deposit matching, and loyalty rewards can come in the form of a reload bonus.

Stay on top of the terms and conditions associated with these offers and jump on them when they pop up.

Disclaimer- Responsible Gambling

The information on our site is intended for informational and educational purposes only.

Any form of gambling can be risky, so you always bet at your own risk. Don’t ever gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. AusCasinos takes no responsibility for any losses made. If you think your gambling is becoming an issue, reach out to Gambling Help online or the Australasian Gaming Council.

For additional information, please visit our Responsible Gambling Page


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