Casino Licences: An Overview of Licensing Authorities and Regulators

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A casino licence ensures that operators stick to strict regulatory standards, protecting you from fraud, unfair gaming, and other risks.

We’ll guide you through the most common licensing authorities. We will explain what they require from casinos, and why it's so important to play at licensed establishments. Giving you a detailed look at the regulations, the benefits of licensed casinos, and tips on spotting legitimate licences.

What Is An Online Casino Licence?

An online casino licence is a legal must-have for any casino wanting to offer its services. It ensures the casino plays by the rules, providing a safe and fair environment. Licensed casinos follow strict standards, which means they’re less likely to rip you off. Casinos get licensed to build trust and show they're legit.

The licence itself is issued by a specific country, but the regulatory authority overseeing it enforces the rules. They conduct background checks, regular audits, and continuous monitoring to ensure compliance. This process involves thorough vetting, similar to getting a banking licence, ensuring only those deemed "fit and proper" can operate.

Only those deemed "fit and proper" can get a licence, much like obtaining a banking licence. This rigorous vetting process means you’re in good hands when playing at licensed casinos. So, when you see a casino with a proper licence, you know it's trustworthy and safe.

Why Is a Casino Licence Important For Players?

Imagine you're playing at two different casinos. At a licensed casino, you know your data is protected because they follow strict security protocols. Their games are fair, with regulated RTPs, and they use reputable payment providers, ensuring your deposits and withdrawals are secure. Their bonuses are clear, fair, and transparent, with no hidden terms.

Licensed casinos also follow strict marketing regulations, so they won't mislead you with false promises. If you run into any issues, you have a regulatory body to turn to for mediation.

Now, picture an unlicensed casino. You deposit money, but suddenly, your account is frozen. There's no one to complain to, and your data might be at risk. The games could be rigged, and you might never see your winnings. Unlicensed casinos can offer deceptive bonuses and use aggressive marketing tactics to lure you in. The lack of oversight leaves you vulnerable to fraud and unfair practices.

Choosing a licensed casino means peace of mind, knowing you're protected and playing in a secure, fair environment. It’s a no-brainer for a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Met Licensing Guarantees
The gambling authority makes sure the online casino meets all the requirements for a licence.
The casino follows the laws of the country that gave it the licence.
The casino owners have no criminal record.
The casino has a solid business plan.
Customer service is professional and easy to reach.
The casino promotes responsible gambling and offers help resources.
Data protection standards are met for personal and payment info.
Games have fair Random Number Generators (RNG) and published Return to Player (RTP) rates.
Bonuses and terms and conditions are clear and fair.
The payment providers used are reliable.
The casino markets itself responsibly and ethically.

How Do Casino Licences Affect Taxation for Australians Playing at Offshore Online Casinos?

As of now, your winnings from offshore online casinos aren't taxed by the ATO. Whether you're hitting the jackpot at an EU-licensed casino or trying your luck at a non-EU one, your winnings are safe from Australian taxes. However, it's always wise to keep an eye on any changes in tax regulations.

Make sure to check the licensing jurisdiction of the casino you play at to understand any potential tax implications. Stay informed and enjoy your gaming!

Most Common Online Casino Licences Explained

Australia doesn't have local licensing for online gaming sites, so Aussies rely on offshore options. The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 restricts online gambling services within Australia, pushing players to look abroad for safe gaming.

In this section, we'll explore key offshore online gaming licensing authorities that ensure secure play for Aussie players. These offshore licences are essential for providing a trustworthy and safe gambling environment for Australians.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

MGA logo banner size purple background

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), located in the Mediterranean, is one of the most respected licensing bodies in the iGaming world. This licence is highly common among reputable casinos due to its robust regulatory framework, ensuring high levels of consumer protection, stringent compliance checks, and fair play.

The MGA is known for its rigorous due diligence process and ongoing compliance audits, making it a gold standard in the industry. Player protection is top-notch, with comprehensive measures to ensure fairness and security. The MGA’s ability to operate in multiple European countries differentiates it from other licensing systems.

For more information, visit MGA Licence.

Estonian Tax and Customs Board (EMTA)

EMTA licence Banner with blue and white fade background

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board (EMTA), based in Northern Europe, is a highly reputable licensing authority known for its efficient and transparent process. While not as widespread as some others, this licence ensures strong consumer protection and fair gaming practices.

The favourable tax rates and straightforward regulatory framework make it a solid choice for operators. The EMTA’s commitment to player safety and its efficient licensing process set it apart from other licensing authorities. However, its relative obscurity may mean fewer players recognise its value.

For more information, visit EMTA Licence.

Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB)

GCB Logo on Banner gold background

Curaçao, a Caribbean hotspot, is popular for its easy licensing process, but it’s not without issues. The system relies on master licences, held by entities like Cyberluck and Gaming Curacao, which issue sub-licences. This setup often leads to inconsistent regulatory standards and varied player protection.

However, the new 2023 Compliance Ordinance aims to tighten regulations by establishing the Curaçao Gaming Authority (CGA), enhancing oversight and combating criminal activities. While the master licence system has made licensing easier, it has also created gaps in player protection and regulatory consistency.

It is essential for players to research the reputation of individual casinos licensed by Curaçao due to varying levels of oversight. Despite these criticisms, many reputable casinos operate under Curaçao licences. Learn more about Curaçao’s system in this guide.

For more information, visit Curaçao Licence.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Aldderney licence banner with logo

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is a big name in online gambling regulation, known for its stringent standards. Based in the Channel Islands, the AGCC ensures operators are financially stable, transparent, and committed to responsible gambling. Regular audits and inspections keep licensees in check.

This tough regulatory framework makes Alderney home to some of the most successful online casinos but may make it challenging for smaller operators to obtain. Players can trust AGCC-licensed casinos for a safe and secure gaming experience. The AGCC’s strict regulations on bonuses and marketing practices further enhance its reputation.

For additional details, visit AGCC Licence.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, in Central America, does not have an official online casino licensing authority, but you can still run an online gambling company from there legally, and it's fairly common. Because Costa Rica doesn't have specific iGaming laws or a regulatory framework, it makes it a great spot for casinos to set up shop and test the waters without big licensing costs and a lengthy application process.

However, since there's no real licence, you can't use standard payment providers like Visa or MasterCard and must use cryptocurrency. This setup is perfect for experimenting before getting a formal licence elsewhere. However, there are no guaranteed player protections, such as regulatory oversight, mandatory security standards, or financial safeguards.

For more details, visit Costa Rica Licence Information.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

gsc logo on banner white

The Isle of Man, situated in the Irish Sea, licences online casinos through the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

Players highly respect this licence as it provides strong consumer protection, ensures fair gaming, and secures transactions. The commission enforces strict rules on bonuses and marketing, ensuring transparency and fairness. Its comprehensive licensing criteria and rigorous oversight set it apart. However, the high regulatory standards may be challenging for new operators.

For more information, visit Isle of Man Licence.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)
gibraltar licence banner logo

The Gibraltar licence is top-notch in the online gambling world. It lets operators legally serve the UK market, one of the biggest in the industry. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is known for its strict standards, ensuring fairness and player protection. Gibraltar offers seven different types of licences, including for games of chance and betting providers.

With a favourable 10% corporate tax rate and access to the EU's single market, it's a prime spot for operators. Rigorous requirements include financial stability, anti-money laundering measures, and responsible gambling practices.

However, its stringent requirements and ongoing monitoring may be demanding for smaller operators.

For further details, visit GRA Licence.

UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

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The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the big dog in the UK’s online casino scene. Known for being tough, a UKGC licence means a casino is on the up-and-up. To get one, operators need to prove they’re solid financially, have responsible gambling policies, and pass regular audits.

UKGC-licensed casinos offer heaps of games and follow strict rules to keep players safe and their info secure. If you’re playing at a UKGC-licensed casino, you know you’re in good hands.

However, the stringent requirements and high costs can be prohibitive for smaller operators.

For more information, visit UKGC Licence.

Casino Licences Overview

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Gold standard for robust regulatory framework and high levels of consumer protection and fair play.
Estonian Tax and Customs Board (EMTA) Efficient licensing process with favourable tax rates and strong consumer protection.
Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) Easy and fast licensing process, but varying levels of player protection and regulatory consistency.
Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) Rigorous compliance and audit processes ensuring top-tier consumer protection and fair gaming.
Costa Rica No official licence, but allows for cost-effective setup and operations, ideal for startups testing the market.
Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission Comprehensive licensing criteria with strong consumer protection, fair gaming, and secure transactions.
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) Stringent compliance requirements with proactive monitoring, offering robust player protection and secure transactions.
UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) Ensuring excellent player protection, fair gaming, and secure transactions through rigorous vetting and regulatory framework.

Unlicenced Online Casinos

Playing at an unlicensed online casino is a big no-no. These illegal operations don’t follow industry rules or standards, which means no regulation, no customer support, and no protection for your funds or personal info. You’re at risk of dealing with dishonest practices, unreliable services, and potentially outright scams.

Even if the bonuses and games look tempting, the risks are too high. It's better to avoid these shady operations.

Always stick to licensed casinos to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience. Rest assured, any casino from our list is 100% licensed and regulated.

Not to worry, we've even gone the extra mile to list blacklisted casinos so you know exactly what to avoid. Stay safe and play smart!

Blacklisted Casinos

icon of warningIconSplit Aces Casino
blacklist- split aces

icon of conIcon0% Payout Rate On Player Withdrawals

icon of conIconUnfair Terms & Conditions

icon of conIconRigged Games

icon of warningIconWin Palace
Win Palace logo

icon of conIconDenies Paying Out Big Wins

icon of conIconUnfair and Unclear T&Cs

icon of conIconNo Response to Customer Complains

icon of warningIconSlots Jungle
Slots Jungle logo

icon of conIconUnreasonable Wagering Requirements

icon of conIconDenies Paying Out Big Wins

icon of conIconNo Response to Customer Complains

How to Check an Online Casino’s Licence

By following these steps, you can verify which licences the casino holds and ensure it operates legally and securely.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the casino’s website/footer: This is where licence information is typically displayed.
  2. Click the licence link: This will take you to the licensing authority’s page or provide details about the licence.
  3. Read the licence text carefully: Confirm the validity and details of the licence.


Playing at licensed online casinos is a must for a safe and fair gaming experience. Licences protect you from fraud, ensure fair play, and offer reliable customer support.

Unlicensed casinos pose a significant risk—they lack regulation, offer no support, and can jeopardise your funds and personal information.

Always check a casino's licence to make sure you're in good hands. Stick to licensed operators and steer clear of blacklisted ones for peace of mind. Play smart and stay safe!

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Casino Licence FAQs

A casino licence is a legal authorisation issued by a regulatory body that allows a casino to operate. It ensures the casino adheres to industry standards and regulations, providing a safe and fair environment for players.

A licensed casino follows strict regulations that protect players from fraud, ensure fair gaming practices, and provide reliable customer support. It also ensures the security of your personal and financial information.

To check if an online casino is licensed, scroll to the bottom of the casino’s website, click on the licence link, and read the details to confirm its validity.

Playing at an unlicensed casino is risky as it may not follow industry standards, lacks regulation, offers no customer support, and can compromise your funds and personal information. You could also be dealing with outright scams.

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence is often considered the gold standard due to its robust regulatory framework, high levels of consumer protection, and stringent compliance checks.

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