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Jack Wilson

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  • 15+ years experience in the iGaming industry
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University
  • Previous experience working as a financial analyst, with strong evaluation and analysis skills

More About Jack:

Jack Wilson is a seasoned author in the iGaming industry. He’s been contributing his insights about Australian online casinos and their bonuses at AusCasinos since 2021.

He brings a unique perspective to the team, with a background in commerce and finance. Before delving into online casino bonuses, Jack worked as a financial analyst, honing his skills in assessing complex data and evaluating offers.

While Jack enjoyed the analytical side of finance, it wasn’t long before he was drawn to the world of online gambling, where he could use his evaluation skills to help everyday Aussies navigate the complexities of the online gambling industry.

With a career spanning over 15 years, Jack has written about a wide range of online casino bonus types, from sites specialising in pokies to live gaming. He has contributed to various national and international publications specialising in online gambling content and reviewed thousands of online casinos. Jack knows everything there is to know about casino bonuses available, including welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins and more.

Jack has acquired an abundance of in-depth knowledge about online casinos throughout his career, and he’s fondly referred to as a “living encyclopaedia of iGaming” in our offices.

His expertise in casino bonuses has helped players around Australia to make informed decisions and maximise their gaming experience.

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